Enchanted Silks by Karin


Artist Statement

   Karin Joy Sprecher individually designs and creates hand-painted silk scarves and commissioned silk Judaica, including Challah Covers, Tallitot (Prayer Shawls) and Chuppot (Wedding Canopies), as well as floral, landscape and Biblical-themed wall hangings.

    Among Karin's commissioned silk scarves are scarves used by the Temple Emanuel of Newton's Adult Choir, worn by the Choir during their performances.  In addition, several brides have commissioned scarves as bride-gifts for their bridesmaids, as well as ties for their groomsmen.   


    Karin's heirloom-quality Tallitot are text-derived from the weekly Torah &/Haftorah Readings. Karin and the Bar/Bat Mitzvah both read the text portion for 3 visual images: where those images coincide is Karin's creative take-off point. Karin's goal is to have the text "come alive", so that wrapping oneself in her Tallit encloses the recipient in a "sacred space" for prayer/reflection.

    In addition to Tallitot for Bar/Bat Mitzvah youth, Karin has made several Tallitot for adults who want their own unique Tallit.  In those cases, or where the Torah/Haftorah reading does not appeal to the recipient, other Judaica images, holidays, life cycle events may all become themes for a truly symbolic Tallit.


    When creating a Chuppah, Karin meets with the bridal couple several times to determine their preferences in terms of colors, themes, imagery, & how to best define their unique relationship. The Chuppah symbolizes the creation of a new home and the couple's new community, created by the intersecting communities each brings to their new family. Although most of Karin's Chuppot are now hanging on the walls of the newly married couple, one is being worn as a Tallit by the bride. One Chuppah was used a second time, by the sister of the groom & bride who originally commissioned it.


    Karin paints both types of Torah Covers:  the round Torah “Dress” used to cover the Torah in the Ark and in procession around the Sanctuary. The flat, “Bayn Gavrah” (Between People), Torah Cover is used during the Torah Reading, when the scroll is rolled closed between readings, for blessings for Thanksgiving, Celebration, Healing, for having come through a serious, life-changing event.  Karin's "Tree of Life" Flat "Bayn Gavrah" Torah Cover is used by Temple Emanuel of Newton's Chapel Minyan during their Torah Services. Her "After the Flood - God's Promise" Torah Mantle was donated to cover the Holocaust Torah used by Boston College's Hillel.

    Since each silk item is unique, tailored to the individual recipients, they require a fair amount of advance planning and design. So please plan on 8-10 months for your Tallit & 10-12 months for your Chuppah.  


    Among her Judaica art, Karin also makes Wall Hangings, tablecloths to cover Bimah-Torah Reader

& Kiddish tables, as well as Ark Curtains (Pirochet). Since the wall hangings and Reader tablecloths are Old Testament-based, they are appropriate for churches as well as Synagogues, Temples, Chavurot.

    In honor her new grand-daughter,  Karin has also started making baby gifts, including

child centered water-colors & silk wall hangings, plus silk & silk-blend baby blankets.

    As Karin’s repertoire continues to evolve, she will have more varied items displayed on the website.

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